DSpace 6 will reach its end-of-life status in July 2023, and it is essential for institutions currently on DSpace 6 or less to upgrade to DSpace 7 as soon as possible. With DSpace 7, you can enjoy several significant improvements, including a more modern and intuitive user interface, enhanced search capabilities, and improved performance. At Eko-Konnect, we understand the importance of keeping your digital infrastructure current. That is why we offer DSpace services, a hassle-free solution for deploying a new DSpace 7 or upgrading your old DSpace versions to DSpace 7.

Our Hosted DSpace service is designed to be FAIR-compliant, ensuring that your digital assets are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable, further increasing your institution’s visibility and opportunities for collaboration and wider access to donors for research funding.

Eko-Konnect is a leading digital infrastructure and service provider for the Nigerian research and education community. As part of its commitment to advancing research and knowledge dissemination, Eko-Konnect’s DSpace service ensures academic and research institutions can focus on their research and education outputs, knowing that their digital assets and data are secure, sovereign, and well-managed.

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    We can help you with a new DSpace 7 Hosting:

    Our DSpace 7 Hosting Includes:
    *Hosting & Installation
    *Managed system administration (if required)
    *Annual Support & Upgrades
    *Handle identifier
    *Basic site branding
    *Custom Submission Workflow
    *Item access management
    *Basic usage statistics
    *Automatic backup
    *Online quick startup training