LIBSENSE (Library Support for Embedded NREN Services and E-infrastructure). LIBSENSE is a formal program and research initiative started by WACREN geared toward developing sustainable support for librarians to play a central role in NRENs and build capacity to support Open Science. Eko-Konnect is a Nigerian participant in Libsense working with librarians from its member institutions and WACREN to deliver the goals of the program.

  • Formal program and research agenda to develop sustainable institutional support for HE librarians to play a central role in NRENs
  • Build capacity to support Open Science
  • Bootstrap establishment of NREN Identity Federations by integrating into content acquisition strategies
  • Tracking research outputs, populating repositories and improving researcher visibility
  • Promoting National, Regional and Global Collaborations
  • Assess the feasibility of the adoption of a regional harvester
  • Undertake training in the area of repository management and support updating repository platforms in WACREN
  • Act as institutional focal points in a network of communication and collaboration