Background: The Cleen Foundation, as part of its activities run an Ushahidi based web platform for documenting and collecting reports of bribery/extortion and similar offences then they proceed to make cases for prosecution against the people involved.

Description: The app is envisioned as an extension of the web platform in existence. The App will make it easier for citizens to quickly report instances of bribery and extortion. These reports can be sent in anonymously.

Target Audience: All Nigerians, Mindful of the fact that being a mobile app, this tool already restricts the audience to Android smartphone users.


  • Ability to take Evidence images via the app or select from file
  • Ability to take Evidence video via the app or select from file
  • Ability to record Evidence audio via the app or select from file
  • Offline capability, meaning the app can locally cache the
    report in downtimes and send them in when network is restored.
  • Structured reporting form for reporting the alleged bribing
    incident with info like name, agency of government.
  • Only the description is required to file a successful report.
  • Fall back mechanism to send report by sms if a text report
    cannot be sent over the internet.
  • Use of location services to estimate location (GeoTagging)
  • Integration with the existing ushahidi online platform