Eko-Konnect and Lagos State University (LASU) partnered to host an African Training Initiative ATI workshop in collaboration with the Nigerian Network Operators Group as part of an ongoing project to develop LASU into a model campus network in Nigeria.

The Vice-Chancellor of the LASU Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun opened the Bootcamp and welcomed both ICT and Networking staff his own university and staff from other institutions across Nigeria to the Bootcamp. Prof. Fagbohun told participants that having seen the impact working campus networks in other African countries and the critical role they play in research and education networking he was looking forward to strengthening the LASU campus network to improve the productivity of his staff and students, improve research and make meaningful contributions to the wider NREN community.

The 8-day workshop included 2 days of Direct Engineering Assistance – DEA for LASU during which the School of Transport was wirelessly networked using a combination of Ubiquiti access points and outdoor radio by the participants in the Bootcamp under the guidance of the facilitators.

Along with the Eko-Konnect Team, Omo Oaiya (WACREN) and Emmanuel Togo (GARNET) representing ATI with Bamidele Amire (NISTech), Adewale Oronti (FUTA) and Emmanuel Owonojo (UNIBEN) representatives of NgNOG were the Facilitation team.

Certificates of completion of the Campus Network Bootcamp were presented to the participants by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of LASU Professor Olumuyiwa Noah along with the Dean of Faculty of Science Prof. Benjamin Aribisala and Dean School of Transport Prof. S.G. Odewunmi who thanked the Facilitation team and the participants for bringing connectivity into all the offices and the school and the environs.

The Africa Training Initiative (ATI), a collaborative training program by the three African regional RENs that recognise the role of the campus network as the fundamental building block of NRENs and promotes training that results in technical documentation that helps to extend R&E network access for users in a reliable and pervasive manner.