The 2021 Eko-Konnect Users Conference committee is pleased to invite you to submit presentations and talks related to the overarching conference theme of “Resilient infrastructures – Shaping the future of Education and Research in Nigeria”

The conference sub-themes are set out below.  The committee particularly welcomes contributions that challenge and improve current practice and is happy for contributors to interpret the themes broadly.

  • Funding & Policy Innovation for Research and Education in Nigeria
    This theme seeks to explore the overlapping interests of REN stakeholders, national funding agencies, international development organisations and private sector organizations to mobilize funding and influence the policy change required to enhance the productivity and quality of education and research in Nigeria.
  • State-of-the-art Platforms for R&E Communication and Collaboration
    For many academic and research communities, the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity of robust communications and knowledge infrastructures for expanding access and improving the quality of learning.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Digital Transformation in Education.
    The participation of civil society, tech and social entrepreneurs and the public sector in strengthening human resource capacities and expertise introduces fresh perspectives for service provision, co-creation, and commercialization of outputs from R&E including the exploitation of virtual learning technologies and addressing the underrepresentation of women in STEM

Visit the event website here for further details on the conference.