Following the Women in WACREN workshop, Eko-Konnect delivered Raspberry Pi kits to the participants of the workshop from Covenant University. In a presentation ceremony GM, Eko-Konnect Mr Owen Iyoha presented the raspberry pi kits on behalf of WACREN to the Vice-Chancellor Covenant University, Professor A.A.A. Atayero. Mr Iyoha explained that the kits were made available from WACREN through the AfricaConnect2 project sponsorship and it was hoped after the success of the workshop. projects and products would emerge that would leverage the knowledge gained to enhance the growth of physical computing for research and education networks in Nigeria and West Africa with women playing a prominent role.

Raspberry Pi kits presented to Priscilla Ajayi, Dr Joke Badejo, and Dr Olamma Iheanatu by Owen Iyoha in presence of Covenant University VC Prof. Atayero

In his response, Prof. Atayero thanked Eko-Konnect and WACREN for the opportunity given to his staff to participate In the workshop and spoke of his own passion for the development of smart cities. Python programming with physical computing devices such as raspberry pi could provide some of the building blocks for the knowledge needed to actualise the vision of smart cities in Nigeria and looked forward to the increased participation of Covenant University in the research and education networking arena.

Prof. AAA Atayero and Mr Owen Iyoha pose with female staff participants of the Women in WACREN Workshop

On behalf of the participants, Dr Olomma Iheanatu expressed her thanks to WACREN and Eko-Konnect for an impactful workshop and had been inspired to motivate her staff and students to develop their skills in Python and become acquainted with devices like raspberry pi’s and robots to also increase their creativity.